Acquisition Services

RKCP represents real industry buyers which are easy to check references on. We do not ask a company to engage us, as we are compensated by our buyer-clients.

We offer the ability to complete a discrete transaction with a motivated buyer, but without the disruption of a traditional sales or capital raising process.

Our buyer-clients have extensive industry experience and pay fair market values for good businesses with good management.

We regularly work with successful entrepreneurs that may not have complete financial information or fancy presentations available.

Acquisition Criteria

Our clients typically seek acquisition opportunities with enterprise values between $20 and $500 million.

For strategic, “add-on” searches, however, there is no size minimum.

Transactions include:

  • 100% sale of the business
  • Recapitalizations of family-owned businesses
  • Growth capital raises
  • Management buyouts
  • Mergers
  • Strategic add-on acquisitions
  • Select special situations